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Aura has spoken to audiences both in the U.S. and Internationally about the power of choice, mindset, impact, self-love and living a hopeful life, filled with extraordinary intention.  

She captures and engages her audiences through her passionate connection, compelling story telling, and her ability to relate on a deep personal level.  Aura will leave you refreshed, inspired and ready to take actionable steps towards living life much differently than before.

Suggested Topics

“I have been blessed to speak alongside Aura, and the effect she had on my spirit is intangible. Aura can’t help but shift atmospheres. She has an unmatched ability to take the pulse of a room and deliver the message that each individual crowd needs to hear. She taps into not just your spirit, but she calls you up and out into all that you can and deeply desire to be. I am still operating on strength, inspiration and insight that I gained from the wisdom she shared. She is beyond ego that desires to tell their story in their way, but knows what is needed to be said, and has the courage to stand in authenticity and vulnerability to do so. You will walk away uplifted, convicted and transformed”.
SaraMae Hollandsworth
Founder of The Phoenix Perspective,
Speaker, Athlete, Transformation Coach

“I was honored to feature Aura as a Divine Feminine Speaker at Soul Sister Mastermind Retreat in Tulum, Mexico in November 2017. Aura draws her audience in through her compelling story telling, and it’s connection to her powerful message of intentional living. She has a natural gift for speaking right into the souls of her audience and captivates them with her gentle energy. Her passion shines through with the thought she puts into each carefully crafted message, and the grace and ease with which she delivers them. She is truly a speaker for the stage”.
Marlo Ellis
Freedom Coach for Divine Feminine Leaders, Transformation Facilitator,
Inspirational Speaker

“Aura has focused intention balanced with spirited passion. Her ability to capture and engage an audience is truly a talent. She speaks from her heart with compassion and service having unparalleled impact. To say Aura is inspiring would be a complete understatement. She’s a perfect example of a woman living in her truth. It was my absolute honor to have this friend and soul sister speak at Become Your Truth 2017”.
Miss Jordan
Spiritual Facilitator and Intuitive Empowerment Coach

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