Imagine the shift in this world

When you choose to do the very best for those around you.  Working with others and not against them. Innately focusing on the best and not the worst; the beautiful, not the unappealing.  Choosing to celebrate lives and not tear them down; to pour out an overflowing abundance of unconditional love.

Difficult days, difficult people, difficult circumstances, sure they are all there.  But imagine if you are the one that forgives, builds up and calls out the good right there in that very moment.  You end up pulling that situation directly out of the gutter, and shooting it straight to the stars.  That is a life worth living!

I’m Aura Booker and I’m here to help you on your journey towards inspiration, love and connection and to ultimately embrace this beautiful gift we call life and live it in a way that is uniquely and unapologetically you.



Life for me started with a name

Given to me by my beautiful and loving parents; creative by nature, and incredibly impactful in who I am today.

My name was often the center of conversation. Sometimes surrounded in kindness and other times layered in pain. I learned quickly in life, there was no getting around a name like Aura. 

I also learned early on, I viewed and processed life a bit differently than most. Even at a young age, I could feel an extreme sensitivity to the emotions of those around me. Almost as if something at the core of my being would begin to tug at my heart, until I acted on it. A note, a kind word, a hug; growing over time into a listening ear, a confidant, a prayer warrior, a giver of new perspective, and a firm believer of the power of immense outpouring of unconditional love and hope!

My life has not been without pain, trials, imperfections and shortcomings; however, each of these moments, encompass why I have chosen to live with a deep sense of intention in every aspect of life.  A choice to step into a life full of gratitude; a life that brings confidence and expectation to each wish and dream; a life intricately woven in love that is strengthened and at peace; a life that is unselfish and kind, filled with tenderness and warmth, compassion and concern; a life attentive to the hearts of others; a life shared with YOU!

Have you grown tired of waiting for life’s perfection in order to share your purpose and step into who you authentically are?  

Is a full life only allowed when you have the “after” to your before-and-after story to share?  Absolutely not!  Yet how many of us are pressing the “hold” button on our life until that point.  What if we chose to place all of our vulnerability out there and share the unique journey, to live and share life “during” it all!

You have a purpose in life that is uniquely our own.  An idea, dream, possibility and consideration, when viewed with certainty and assurance, will change the world forever.  Is it always easy?  No.  But here lies the beauty in it all…it is in each difficult moment and times of struggle that you will find your strengths! Are there failures?  Yes.  But do not fear failure.  Let that fear propel you into action and growth! Remember, YOU are called to incredible things!!!  Do not be paralyzed by how you are going to get there.  Take one step at a time, one task at a time and one accomplishment at a time.  It is not about perfection, it is about continued progress.

Enjoy YOUR OWN experience.  It is part of the story that is uniquely yours.  Reach out and experience life lived from a place of love, an extraordinary shift in intention.  Look for new perspectives on how you want to see your world, and shift things in a way that resonates with you!  Start with a gentle belief, and then imaging from there.  Really care about where you are heading.  When you learn to be vulnerable and transparent, to act with integrity and be fearlessly authentic, you can stop holding back the beautiful gift that you are.    

It is time to seize your life and make it amazing.  Time to discover your passion and relentlessly pursue it!  It is time to follow where your soul is calling you!

It’s time to live life differently.