Just like her name suggests, Aura brings beautiful light and energy to every life she touches. Her work and message are profound and clear, and her delivery is refreshingly sweet.  Aura walks the walk, which draws the right people into her circle. She stands in integrity, is led from the heart space and is driven to empower others to do the same.  My work has brought us together, both in Sisterhood and in business, and I am forever blessed by her presence in my life.


Master of Feminine Badassery, Speaker, Igniter and Freedom Coach for Women

Aura is the sweetest, kindest, most caring soul with a BIG heart! She was born to serve and has so much love and compassion to offer the world. She has the power to illuminate the darkest of days and I feel so blessed and honored to have her in my life. Her vulnerability is so warming and gives others hope and she perfectly embodies her mission to help others live their life differently.


Transformational Coach, Founder of The Conscious Parent Academy

I met Aura last year at a women’s empowerment weekend when we had to do an exercise with someone we didn’t know.  From the moment we started talking, I felt a soul connection with her.  She comes at life from a place of love, humility and a true desire to serve people. Her spirit is infectious, her smile lights up a room and she is committed to being all in, in everything she does. She is powerful, she is loving and the true meaning of a servant leader. I am forever grateful for that weekend because I have a soul sister and a business partner for life. Anyone who works with or alongside Aura, will truly be blessed beyond measure to have her by your side.


Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Photographing Aura was such a joy! Her positive energy is infectious and her smile lights up the room.